Monday, 23 April 2012

Who cares what Liverpool Supporters think

Liverpool 0 West Bromwich Albion 1.

Yet another defeat at Anfield for the mighty Liverpool.

They now sit in the Premier League in a group of teams separated by 3 points that include Norwich, Swansea and West Bromich Albion.

With only a couple of games left to go in the season, I see that as a disgrace for a club the size of Liverpool considering how much they have spent in the last year and a half.

However, I am not a Liverpool supporter.

I have enjoyed watching what I consider to have been great football under Rafa Benitez.

I have enjoyed watching the likes of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher over the years and would hate to see them retire without winning the Premier League.

And I have enjoyed numerous epic European nights over the last decade.

But I am not a Liverpool supporter.

And I say supporter, as opposed to fan.

For it is they who support the club.

They who pay the entrance fee.

They who are the ones who experience the emotions of both the clubs successes - and failures.

Not me, nor other neutrals.

Who cares what they think about their club - It’s their club.

So as most Liverpool supporters have been staunch in the defence of Kenny Dalglish - most neutrals think it is blind nostalgia towards a hero of yesteryear who is so far out of the game he should not be allowed near a club the size of theirs.

Liverpool supporters believe that because Andy Carroll scored 2 important goals recently - he starting to prove his worth.

Most neutrals think Andy was a colossal waste of money and at €40m, consider him to be one of the greatest flops in the history of the Premier League.

Liverpool supporters believe Charlie Adam is an acceptable signing because he cost only €8m.

Most neutrals think he is nowhere near good enough to even grace the bench of a club that size.

Liverpool supporters believe Luis Suarez is in the World Class bracket.

Most neutrals look at the record of Luis this season - 8 goals in 28 games - and think why?

Van Persie has 27 in 35.

Rooney has 26 in 31.

Even Yakubu has twice as many as Luis and played a game less.

But again, us neutrals are not Liverpool supporters.

The way Kenny brought shame onto the club with his handling of the racism row was again something that we didn’t agree with.

We also didn’t like the handling of Roy Hodgson.

Sacked after only a few months, Roy now sits 1 point behind Liverpool despite not spending €130million.

Most neutrals laughed when Liverpool won the Carling Cup.

We think it’s a trophy that lost all its prestige when big teams, and Liverpool were one of them, started using the cup to blood youngsters and allow recently injured players get back to full fitness.

As Real Madrid defeated Barcelona on Saturday night to almost guarantee them La Liga - I couldn’t help but wonder what has happened in the 3 years since Liverpool destroyed Real Madrid 5-0.

I miss that team.

That for me, was where Liverpool belonged.

Not winning Carling Cups with Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing in their team.

Hammering the greatest club in Europe with World Class players like Torres, Gerard and Alonso.

But alas, as I said, I am not a Liverpool supporter.

It’s them and only them who can make their judgement on their club and where it should be.

If they support Kenny and Charlie, Andy and Luis, plus the Carling Cup and feel all that is good enough for their club - they will get what they deserve.

I just feel they should be aiming a little higher...


  1. another home defeat you say? They have lost 3 home games. Utd have lost 2. Arsenal 4. Only city exceptional at home. Of the 2 home defeats they hit the woodwork 4 times. And missed a peno. They also missed other chances. Put a huntelaar type finisher into the team and their home points double imo.

  2. Presuming you are a Liverpool supporter - I ask you this;

    Are you happy with the home form this season?

    Do you think hitting the woodwork is a legitimate reason that suggests LFC are unlucky as opposed to not good enough in front of goal?

    As Kenny has brought in 3 strikers in his time, spending a lot of money, do you not think he should have signed someone like Huntelaar over one of the other three?

  3. As a Pool fan I don't agree with "woodwork" excuse... It's just bad finishing, full stop! They aren't creating clear cut chances either so I don't think 1 Striker will solve all of our problems either. We need to solve midfield too as players underperforming and not chipping in near enough effort.

    This is the worst league season in 40/50 years and no Pool fan I know is content with that and I'm sure the Owners are not best pleased either, it's their investment, their 5 year plan and the league was their No.1 goal.

    Scoff if u will about Cups but a Trophy is a Trophy ask any footballer... I'd rather have Cup medals than 3rd place league medals as is the case with Arsenal squad.Plus I do recall being very frustrated at Benitez's disregard to the domestic cups at times.

    We wNt the league above all, we have to learn to crawl before we walk again and gain top 4 again. I think the owners share the fans ambitions too.

    If we manage to win 2 Cups most Pool fans will tell you "Tongue in cheek" it hasn't been a bad season either a) because they're too proud to say otherwise b) bragging rights / banter or c) they're actually deluded!

    YNWA! I'm confident we'll get back to where we belong.

  4. My dear friend Austin lucky I love u ;)
    Firstly when did pool beat real 5-0?
    Secondly what pool fans have been thinking that AC is starting to prove to b worth 40 mill? I know loads of pool fans n not one has said he is starting to prove his worth.
    Again with Adam I know 2 pool fans who at the start of the season tat thought he was great - we r no longer friends after I pointed out wat a blue nose joke he was!Adam not ex friend.
    Again with the rafa love? I remember arguing with u at a wedding in Italy how great he was can u remember what side of the argument u where on???:)Kk was never a great coach his talent is man management unfortunately alot of pool players aren't men. Secondly pool aren't Chelsea so don't sack unless u take a step forward ( prime example of not following this was replacing rafa with woy) I have watched every pool match n has been agony :( but if they had a finisher n def mid alot of those draws n losses would b turned into wins. They are playing ok in games only about 5 or 6 games did I think they were shit n deserved to b beaten. Compare this to where they where with woy where nearly every game I watched they got wat they deserved whopped!
    they have a net spend of 40€ mill over the past 1year and a half no doubt they paid way over the odds for players but half of them have potential ( Adam n downing excluded for obvious reasons)
    pool made huge staff changes in the last year or 2 so A transition Season while it hurts was bound to happen. Remember they were at the mercy of the bank from being shut down only a year n a half ago.
    Luis should score more but he will with a better cast around him at the min he has to work so hard to make a chance for himself tat it badly affects his finishing n with no other attacking threat teams can concentrate their def effort on him.

  5. 25 FEB 2009 Real Madrid 0 Liverpool 1
    10 MAR 2009 Liverpool 4 Real Madrid 0

    Liverpool win 5-0 on aggregate...