Monday, 12 September 2011

Liverpool didn’t deserve to rule Britannia.

Stoke City 1.

Liverpool 0.

Any Liverpool supporter watching their side at the Britannia will feel they deserved something out of the game.

The bad news for them is - they didn’t.

Absolutely nothing.

Another cracking result for Tony Pulis and his boys.

I’m a big fan of Tony.

A really big fan.

Tony set his team out to win the game 1-0 and that’s exactly what he got.

He couldn’t do much else to be honest - if he really wanted three points.

Liverpool are far superior in almost every department.

But this Stoke side are made of something special.

Not the sort of thing you can buy in the transfer window.

The sort of thing you must grow on the training ground.

Through hard work, dedication and most importantly - time.

Stoke will never be able to attract the type of player that Liverpool can.

But what they do get in, are players who never say die.

An attitude of guts, determination and a fighting spirit that brings 1-0 victories over better teams.

They are used to being told they are not good enough so when it comes to getting the chance to test themselves against the players who are, they have some serious issues to prove.

Tony has drilled this into them.

He has been doing it for 6 seasons since his return to Stoke as manager.

And he should know how to drill it into them.

He’s the managers equivalent.

Not quite good enough for the top.

But don’t let that stop him doing everything in his power to still get there.

Tony knew Liverpool would have chances.

Lots of chances.

And they did.

11 shots on target.

20 attempts at goal.

12 corners.

But if these Stoke players defend for their lives, fight for every ball and throw everything they have in the way of Liverpool, they know they can keep a clean sheet.

It’s up to great teams to break this resolve down and grind out a result.

But Liverpool aren’t a great team - yet.

Tony knows this.

He also knew he’d get one chance.

He always does.

Turns out he only got 1 shot on target.

But with the spirit his team has - sometimes that’s all he needs...


  1. Stoke defended well but then they had 12 players on the pitch... should have at least been a draw after that handball in the box. Dreadfull refereeing again.

  2. Stoke are not the sort of team that you would ever say 'get referee decisions' whether at home or not. By the end of the league a big club like Liverpool will get more dubious decisions in their own favour than against.

  3. Hardwork? Pennant then who works so hard forgets he has a Porsche. Stoke aren't able to sign players like Liverpool?crouch and pennant? Stoke got lucky, not with the pen ( they Shouldve had 1 earlier thanks to skertel) but normally teams will take at least 2 of that many chances, yes they defended well and Liverpool were wasteful but they also got a big slice of luck.

  4. You could argue that they made their own luck when it came to defending not too dissimilar to Richard Dunne and Ireland the other night. But you cannot say that Crouch and Pennant would have chose Stoke over Liverpool if they both came in for them. They are only at Stoke now because they are no longer good enough for a team like Liverpool...

  5. 73% possession. How many teams will do that to Stoke in their own backyard. Bad peno to give away but Henderson and suarez missed sitters. Fair play to Stoke on getting the result but Liverpool deserved more. On a positive, great to seen Liverpool playing football and dominanting these teams. Did the same at the emirates . 2 of the toughest away games now done. Onwards and upwards