Thursday, 7 July 2011

It could be big time Charlie for Liverpool.

Charlie Adam is on the verge of joining Liverpool.

Great move for Adam.

Great deal for Blackpool.

But great business for Liverpool?

I’m not so sure.

Charlie Adam was a revelation last season.

Brilliant to watch.

A real talisman.

Scored 12 goals from midfield in the Premier League.

Add to that, 7 assists.

A great return for a club that ended up relegated.

However, a team in which Adam takes all the corners.

Takes all the free-kicks.

All the penalties.

He was pretty much central to everything Blackpool did.

Everything got played through Adam and it so nearly paid off.

But with relegation, came the inevitability that Adam would move on.

And if QPR, Norwich or Swansea could afford him, I think he’d be a terrific signing for them.

Or Aston Villa, Bolton, West Brom, Sunderland et al.

They could make Adam their focal point.

Build their teams around him.

But not Liverpool.

They have Steven Gerard for one.

Their own talisman.

Takes free-kicks, corners, penalties.

The central point of the team.

Everything gets played through him.

And that won’t change to Charlie Adam.

You can’t compare a man who has had success at the very top for a long time to a 25 year old who has only 11 caps for Scotland.

Liverpool can also call on midfielders like Kuyt, Meireles, Lucas, the returning Aquilani and new £20 million man Henderson.

The won’t feel the need to play through Adam.

Every one of them already has a certain quality to do it themselves.

In fairness though, good players do play better with good players around them and Adam might just excel in this Liverpool team.

He will have to adapt his game drastically though.

No longer set piece man nor the focal point means Adam will have to add something to his game that we haven’t seen from him yet.

The kind of quality that will take him to the next level.

The same quality Liverpool desire.

The same quality he should desire.

Just not sure where he’s going to get it from...